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A number of new job platforms are getting funded and ‘job matching’ seems to be their key ingredient.

Last week Incredible Health which helps match Nurses to Hospitals received $15 million in funding from some top silicon valley VC firms like Andreessen Horowitz. Various outlets including Techcrunch and VentureBeat covered the story.

Here’s how VB described their technology,

Incredible Health’s hiring and recruitment solution taps algorithms to help health systems narrow down the list of qualified nurses, and to provide those nurses with personalized, tailored opportunities they’d not likely find anywhere else. That’s not to suggest it’s an entirely automated flow — human experts support both job seekers and employers along the way, vetting matches to ensure they’ll lead to fruitful, long-term employment.

Hospitals begin by making a profile and then browsing a set of licensed nurse candidates screened for over 40 specialties, education, experience, malpractice records, and certifications before sending interview requests to professionals they’d like to meet. On the candidate side, nurses can accept or decline requests that come to them and compare top offers from favored hospitals that match their criteria.

Other sites like Planted.com which target tech operation pros have a similar mantra. This kind of job matching is basically an evolution of keyword search and job alerts. By posting a job, machine algorithms can now automatically suggest/curate candidates based on their profile.

Sites like ZipRecruiter already do stuff like this when they send out job alerts to their candidate database to generate more applies. This type of matching is where the job baord of the future is headed. I only wish job board software companies can start to incorporate this technology into their platforms. I believe Jobiqo may have some matching functionality built in so be sure to give them a shout if you are looking for a new platform.