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Top 10 Sales Jobs of 2020

The 10 Best Jobs for People Who Can Sell

Sales is a great career choice for people who like to interact with people and who like to learn. Of course, any sales job involves developing relationships with your customers, whether that is a long term relationship, or simply a brief encounter. Working in sales allows you to become an expert in the product or service you are selling and educate your customers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the there outlook for sales jobs varies by sector so that should be a consideration for you when choosing your career path.

10 High Paying Sales Jobs

1. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative$72,000-$114,000/year

A pharmaceutical sales representative sells medications to health care professionals and facilities on behalf of prescription drug companies. A central part of this job is to build relationships; over time, physicians become familiar with the representatives because they develop a rapport that facilitates the sale. Pharmaceutical sales representatives also give out information about the company they represent and the drugs they are promoting.

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2. Realtor$52,500-$100,000/year

A realtor assists a client in the purchase, sale, or rental of property, such as commercial buildings, homes, or land. As a realtor, you have a number of duties and responsibilities. Most realtors work on commission, so your primary concern is to attract new clients who want to sell, rent, or buy property and are willing to pay for your assistance in doing so. You perform market research and analysis to determine competitive prices for each listing. You also take your clients to visit properties and assess how their needs can be met within their budget. Realtors also negotiate sales on behalf of their clients and draw up the legal paperwork needed to complete sales.

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3. Sales Engineer$60,000-$94,000/year

As a sales engineer, your responsibilities are to serve as a technical advisor to prospective clients. Your duties may include helping customers decide what to buy for a project, demonstrating the use of products, providing instruction and support, and even performing installations. Companies typically ask sales engineers to sell complex technological or scientific products, which requires extensive knowledge of the parts and functions of each product, as well as related processes. You may also be asked to travel on a regular basis, present information to large crowds, or work irregular hours to meet sales goals and the needs of clients.

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4. Medical Device Sales Representative$50,000-$117,000/year

As a Medical Device Sales Representative, you promote and sell medical devices and equipment to hospitals, physician offices, and other medical facilities. Like many sales jobs, you may travel within your region, meeting with new and existing clients.

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5. Financial Services Sales Representative$53,000-$75,000/year

A financial services sales representative fulfills both a sales and customer service role by handling almost all client needs for your portfolio of customers. Your daily duties include advising clients on investments and related products, transferring funds, and monitoring economic trends and financial markets to provide sound advice and informed services. Rather than buying and selling on the market, you spend your time contacting current and prospective clients to introduce and recommend solutions and services, including the servicing of accounts. In addition to working with clients, your responsibilities also include working with financial analysts working on caseloads to meet sales and client targets.

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6. Software Sales Representative$41,500-$69,500/year

A software sales representative is a front-line team member who facilitates software and computer sales and provides technical support for customers. As a software sales representative, your job duties include answering questions for clients before and after purchase and providing a demonstration of the software to ensure it fits each client’s needs. You spend a majority of your time on the phone with customers to land a sale and maintain client happiness. While some experience in sales is beneficial to have for this job, it’s not strictly required. Qualifications for this career include excellent customer service skills and the ability to communicate technical information to potential customers.

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7. Manufacturing Sales Representative$47,000-$67,000/year

As a manufacturing sales representative, you sell goods from manufacturers to businesses and other organizations. Your duties are to contact customers, travel to business locations, explain product features, negotiate wholesale prices, and recommend ways to promote and display products for buyers. Your responsibilities include attending trade shows and conferences, following up with new and existing customers, answering any questions, preparing sales contracts, submitting orders for processing, and collaborating with colleagues for marketing and selling strategies. Manufacturing sales representatives can work for one manufacturer or multiple organizations simultaneously.

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8. Advertising Sales Agent$31,000-$60,000/year

Advertising sales agents sell advertising space to prospective clients to promote their products and services. As an advertising sales agent, you may sell advertising space on billboards, magazines, television, radio, and online ads. Your job duties include contacting potential clients to set up sales presentations, showing clients market analysis data to demonstrate advertising results, and maintaining client accounts. You may also be required to meet sales quotas.

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9. Insurance Sales Agent$30,000-$60,000/year

As an insurance sales agent, you sell life, health, disability, and other insurance policies. You approach potential clients by phone, email, or in-person to determine their specific needs and by researching current coverage and available options. You also answer questions related to coverage and annual charges and, once a policy is selected, you obtain underwriting approval by completing the application for coverage. You must have excellent sales skills in this career, and you should always be looking out for the best interest of your client.

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10. Retail Sales Associate$55-$79/hour

A retail sales associate is an entry-level salesperson who works in a retail store selling products to customers. As a retail sales associate, your responsibilities and duties include maintaining stock in an orderly fashion and completing sales transactions. You use your product knowledge to help potential customers make informed purchase decisions. You represent your company and provide exceptional customer care at all times. You play a vital part in reaching your company’s sales goals and upholding the excellent reputation of your company.

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Post Update: 2/7/2020